More NJTU History

by Dick Turse

October 2009

In the early 1970's a major undertaking of NJTU was the production of the NJ Trout Guide. Some of you might have a copy of this wonderful publication but many new members might not even know of its existence. It was a booklet which covered all aspects of trout fishing in New Jersey. There were articles on the fish, the stocking, locations, directions, flies, knots, and leaders, etc. It was sold through most of the sporting goods stores of that era as well as at shows and meetings.

For the most publicity we could get we decided to present a copy to the Governor at that time, Brendan Byrne. The pictures you see were taken by me at the time of this dedication. I know they are only black and white photos but that was the only camera available to us at the time. Most of us forgot to bring one. The one photo shows the Guide being presented to Gov. Byrne by Fred Burroughs.

Fred was the founder of TU in New jersey and the first President of North. At the time of the photo he was New Jersey's National Director. After passing away the North Chapter was renamed, "Fred Burroughs - North Jersey TU." The woman in the photo was Joan Price, President of North at that time. She has also passed on. (I know I am getting old). The additional gentleman in the other picture is Ben Gelsema, President of the Ernie Schwiebert chapter in the early 1970's. Ben, a good friend of Allan Johnson, moved to PA many years ago. I have lost contact with him.

I will try to remember to bring a copy of the TU Trout Guide to the October meeting for all to peruse.