Ken Lockwood Gorge Plaque

by Dick Turse

September 2009

From time to time Mainstream will be featuring historical articles describing past activities, dinners, awards, etc which should be of interest to the current members, young and old alike. We would love to have comments from the older members who remember the activity with fondness or even regret. Remember this is your organization and newsletter.

This issue goes back to the Spring of 1973, two years after the chapter was born. It refers to the plaque in Ken Lockwood Gorge. Henry Schaefer, then of the now-defunct Newark Evening News, designed a plaque in memory of Ken Lockwood, outdoor writer and conservationist, shortly after his death on April 2, 1948. Lockwood spent many years fishing and writing about the Gorge and Schaefer wanted a memorial to him to be inserted into the large stone at the site of the now famous Monument Pool. In 1949 the newly purchased WMA was dedicated to Ken Lockwood. Unfortunately years later some sicko people stole the plaque and all that was left was the rock. CJTU decided to replace the plaque as one of its first activities. So it was dedicated in May 1973.

The Ken Lockwood monument

The accompanying picture shows the dedication activity. From the left, standing is Ben Fogarty, founder and first President of CJTU, Vic Schuster, original Director, Henry Schaefer, writer, and two Fish and Wildlife representatives ( does anyone recognize them?). Kneeling on the left is Mike Palazzolo, original Director and to his right is Dick Turse, then President and now Treasurer of CJTU. All of the men to the left of the plaque have now passed away. The next time you fish the Gorge take a minute to visit the plaque.