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October 2010

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General Meeting - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ozzie Presents

"CJTU Fly Tyers Tying Their Favorite Flies"

At the November 2004 General Meeting, I filmed seven CJTU fly tyers tying their favorite flies, some of you may remember that night - and I just squeezed some time in and got around to editing it - fishing you know, takes priority.

Agust Gudmundsson, Dick Turse, Ron Ruskai, George Mertens, Bill Ninke, Leon Cheeka and Elias Todd are the featured tyers. They also demonstrate various tying techniques and explain why these flies are their favorites. One fly, the sideways ant takes just a minute to tie but the others are more complicated and the video adds up to 70 minutes. For $10 the video can be yours. Orders will be taken at the October meeting.

CJTU Fly Tying Demo

Dunellen Public Library
November 22, 2010
6:30 - 8:30 pm

2011 CJTU Fly Tying School

Enrollment starts at the October meeting!

More info here

Efinger's Sale

October 15th - 18th
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Central Jersey TU was invited to participate in the first annual Clinton Red Mill 'Green Fair' on Saturday September 18th. Master tyers Dave Hart and Ed Kodyla volunteered to tie flies for the public and man our tent that day. The weather was absolutely perfect, our only regret was not being out on the water instead. Dave got quite a bit of attention because he had brought photos of his big catches the previous week up on the Salmon River. Seems no one can resist the allure of a big fish photo!

Ed spent a good portion of his time tying the large streamer pattern we were shown by Mark Sedotti earlier that week (of course with a little tweak or two of his own) .

More photos can be found here

Photo by Nick Romanenko

President’s Letter

October 2010

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather we have been experiencing. I'm pleased to announce that the trout fishing is picking up. The cooler waters are rousing the fish from their summer doldrums. For the most part the holdover fish, where you can find them, are in good shape and the browns and brookies are in their spawning colors. Another reason I love fall fishing is the lack of crowds. It very possible to find solitude and quality fishing on New Jersey waters at this time of year.

September was a busy month for us. Unfortunately lack of volunteer participation prevented us from attending all of the events on our calendar. The biggest event of the month was the outdoor expo located on the Assumpink Wildlife Management area. This was a very well attended event. It would have been a great venue to spread the word of what Trout Unlimited is all about. It also would have been a great time to reach out for the younger folks. There was a kids fishing area where our volunteers were desperately needed. This type of work is very important to our overall mission of conservation. The more folks know about us the easier it is to get the important work done. I strongly recommend that more folks get involved in the future. I hate to miss opportunities like this.

Coming up this month on Saturday the 9th is the Musky One Fly competition. This event being organized by Brian Cowden, Trout Unlimited's Home River Initiative Coordinator, will take place along the Musconetcong River. All of the proceeds from this event will go directly to the Point Mountain Restoration Project. For more information about the event, please see the article about the event written in this month's MainStream. I encourage folks to come out and give this one a try. It's for a good cause!

In regards to Point Mountain we are waiting for the permits before we can begin any work on the project. I received some news on the process that I will be discussing at next week's meeting. To sum things up I will be surprised if we see any movement on this project this fall.

This month's speaker at our general meeting is our very own "Ozzy". He will be presenting the long awaited video of the CJTU Fly Tiers. This presentation will highlight some of the favorite patterns of our best Fly Tiers. In addition you will have the opportunity to purchase the video if you wish, the cost is only $10.00. We will be accepting orders for the DVD at Tuesday's meeting. Orders will be taken at this month's meeting and the DVD's will be available for pick up at a future meeting.

That's it for now. We have a beautiful weekend coming up so go out and wet a line!

Author, master caster and fly tyer Mark Sedotti visited CJTU at our September meeting last month. Members who arrived early we treated to an inspiring casting demo by Mark where he was battling power lines to cast his big streamers almost two blocks (!) outside the American Legion Hall.

Inside we consolidated the seating and created a fly tying "table in the round" where Mark took us step by step through the process of creating his "Living Streamer" patterns. One of the more memorable recent meetings indeed!"

More photos from this event

Photo by Nick Romanenko

Fly of the Month

"F.B. Streamer/Wet" by Ron Ruskai

F.B. Streamer

Click here for the recipe !