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January 2018

Garden State Show

General Meeting

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"From the Skies" – Tenkara, Fixed line Fly Fishing

Presented by Lou DiGena


Tenkara is a Japanese method of fly fishing which is "from heaven," or "from the skies."  Tenkara is a fixed line method of Fly Fishing developed in Japan, but there are a Northern Italy version and similar 16th and 17th centuries methods in Britain.

"Tenkara" requires only a rod, line and fly, much like in Izaak Walton's time.

In The Compleat Angler, Piscator said to Venator: "And I will then give you direction for the making and using of your flies: and in the meantime, there is your rod and line; and my advice is, that you fish as you see me do and let's try which can catch the first fish." 


Note there is no mention of a reel. The only reference to a reel In The Compleat Angler is when fishing for salmon.

Lou was introduced to Tenkara fly-fishing in early 2010 and saw right away how productive, and fun this method could be; it’s that and more.  At that time there was little to no information on the technique, other than the materials from TenkaraUSA and a few bloggers. 

As Lou explains “My first attraction to this method is its minimal philosophy, lightweight and compactness (great for backpacking).  But what keeps me going with Tenkara is it’s deadly effectiveness and unmatched approach for presenting a fly”.

Lou DiGena, a longtime CJTU member and former chapter president, has been using this method since 2010 for Trout, Landlocked Salmon and Bass from Maine to Montana and is eager to share his knowledge. Join us for a presentation on Tenkara Fishing gear, flies, and techniques.  He will cover rods, lines, flies, knots and how to present flies during an evening entitled "From the Skies.”

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Fly Fishing Paradise"

Presented by Andrew Trelease

Andrew Trelease

Andrew Trelease is an avid fly fisherman, guide and owner of Trout Haven. As a native of upstate New York, Andrew learned to fly fish on some of the Northeast's most legendary rivers - the Beaverkill, the East and West Branches of the Delaware River, Willowemoc Creek, and lesser-known backcountry gems full of native brook trout.

Before earning his Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Mathematics and Music from Union College in 2010, Andrew would fish and guide between semesters and whenever possible. His studies lead him to Miami, culminating in a full-ride and Masters degree in Music Composition from Florida International University.

After returning to the Northeast in 2014, Andrew founded Trout Haven – a destination guiding service offering trips to the world-renowned waters of Spruce Creek in central Pennsylvania. Trout Haven now attracts visitors from all over the country, and some internationally. When he’s not guiding, Andrew can be found tying flies and plucking his bass guitar.

American Legion Hall
137 New Market Road
Dunellen, NJ
Meeting starts at 7:30 PM - Non Members are always welcome!

President’s Letter

                                    Well first of all, I would like to mention for those of you who didn't attend, that the December meeting was a great time and everyone had fun. Santa's arrival was quite a scene that evening. Santa was kind enough to hand out a fly box to everyone. At first Santa gave me a bag of coal, but afterwards he mended my broken heart and gave me a fly box. The big winner of the night was Trevor Martin, one of our younger members, who won the 9'0" 4 wt. Orvis Clearwater rod which Santa brought in as the big door prize. Here you see Trevor with Santa and his new rod. Congratulations Trevor! Santa will return next December, and who knows what he will have next year in his goodie bag!


OK! It's far too cold for anyone of us to wade a stream now and for the foreseeable future. How long is it to mid-March? This is the time of year for us trout bums when many of us contract a severe case of "cabin fever". There is no better antibiotic for cabin fever than attendance to one of two shows later this month. The Garden State Outdoor Sportsman Show (Jan. 11, 12, 13, & 14) and the Fly Fishing Show (Jan. 26, 27, & 28). Both shows will be at Exhibition Center located in the Raritan Center in Edison. We will have a booth at both shows. Please don't be shy and stop by and introduce yourself at either show. I always enjoy meeting new people who haven't attended one of our General Meetings.

For those of you who have yet to learn fly tying or want to enhance your tying ability, we're offering both beginner's and intermediate fly tying instruction. A lot of effort has been put into these classes. A five-man committee has been working the last few months on preparing these two offerings. We do know that most fly tying today is learned independently by sitting in front of your computer and watching YouTube videos. Well our instructors have integrated these classes with web instruction. From listening to our fly tying instructors, I'm convinced we have modernized fly tying classes to meet with 2018 demands. We have fused the old with the new to offer a better learning environment. You can find see additional details of the classes in this issue of Mainstream.

This month Lou DiGena will give us a presentation of fly fishing the Japanese way, "Tenkara". Lou truly knows this manner of fly fishing. I've seen John Wester "knock'em dead" with a Tenkara rod in his hand this past June. It should be a very interesting program for those of you with little knowledge of Tenkara. Please consider joining us on January 9. Get there early at 7:30 and enjoy some pizza and soda. Next month we're having Andrew from "Trout Haven" in Central PA. I saw this program a few months ago at the Ernest Schwiebert Chapter of TU in Princeton. Trout Haven is an appropriate name for this lodge and private stretch of stream. When you see some of the pictures of the fish caught you will see that it is in fact haven!Orvis Outfit

Things to watch for this Spring from the Chapter: Musky Stream Cleanup and stream walk of the Point Mountain Stretch. Casting on May 2 at Mulder's Fish Farm in Englishtown. Casting Instruction at the Pequest Trout Hatchery on June 29. Beginning of stream restoration/improvement of the A-Frame Stretch on the Musky shortly after June 15. Participation at the Pequest Open House.

One final thing! Don't forget to buy a chance on our yearly conservation raffle at a meeting or one of the shows. The tickets are five dollars and the prize is the outfit pictured here.

Stay warm,

News & Events

Central Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Fly Tying School 2018

Dates: February 7, 21, & 28, & March 7, 14, & 21, 2018

Time: 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Registration Fee

$50.00 for Beginners, Materials and Tools provided.
$50.00 for Intermediate Courses (Students must have there own vise and tools.)

Catching a fsh on a fy you’ve tied yourself is a great thrill. And Fly Tying is a wonderful hobby in itself. It leads you to a better understanding of insects and other fsh prey and thus become a better fy fsher. To get you started on tying or to help you grow your skills, we offer two six-session classes expressly tuned to the Internet Age.

Beginners Class: People have learned to tie fies from books for years. Books allow an ordered sequencing in the introduction of new techniques that build on previous ones. But books are static and subtle dynamics are hard to convey. Video conveys dynamics, but the quality of the instruction is not uniform. Some are good; some are bad and bad habits are hard to break. Proper introduction of techniques is commonly missing. Books and videos can’t correct you if you are doing something wrong. That is where individual instruction excels.

Learn to do things “right from the start” from our excellent instructors who are some of the best in the East. Techniques are taught in a sequence that continually builds competence. Our instructors watch you and make sure you are doing things right. Further, we provide a quality vice, tools, hooks and all materials. The only upfront cost is our modest fee and your time. Finally, we provide a printed manual with summarized tying descriptions for each pattern plus a reference to a web video we believe is the best for that pattern. So sign up for and take our course and “be the best that you can be” in the shortest time possible. Then you’ll be ready to become even better after you take our Intermediate Course next year.

Intermediate Class: While our Beginners Course is the same from year to year, after all, basics are basics; our Intermediate Course is redesigned each year. New patterns and techniques are introduced by tiers through-out the world during the previous year are monitored, and the best ones that mesh with the skill set of the Beginners Class are selected. Thus the class remains interesting to past attendees and also to those who have never taken it before. So sign up to continue your growth as a tier and enjoy the camaraderie of other like-purposed students.

Location, Registration and Payment: All Fly tying classes are at the American Legion Hall, 137 New Market Road, Dunellen, NJ 08812. We ask you to register as soon as possible so that we may plan accordingly to make your class a success.

You can register at the Registration Table during the CJTU Chapter Meeting held in the American Legion Hall on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, at the CJTU booth at the NJ Outdoors Show or Fly Fishing Show, or by email at

Payment by of check or cash on or before the frst session is required. Please make your check payable to Central Jersey Trout Unlimited.

Please bring a desk or other light for your vise. Lighting conditions in the Hall might not be as bright as you would like

Any Questions? Contact us at

Garden State Outdoor Sports Show

January 11 - 14, 2018

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center
Edison, NJ

The Fly Fishing Show

January 26 - 28, 2018

New Jersey Convention & Expo Center
Edison, NJ

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