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February 2018

General Meeting

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

"Fly Fishing Paradise"

Presented by Andrew Trelease

Andrew Trelease

Andrew Trelease is an avid fly fisherman, guide and owner of Trout Haven. As a native of upstate New York, Andrew learned to fly fish on some of the Northeast's most legendary rivers - the Beaverkill, the East and West Branches of the Delaware River, Willowemoc Creek, and lesser-known backcountry gems full of native brook trout.

Before earning his Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Mathematics and Music from Union College in 2010, Andrew would fish and guide between semesters and whenever possible. His studies lead him to Miami, culminating in a full-ride and Masters degree in Music Composition from Florida International University.

After returning to the Northeast in 2014, Andrew founded Trout Haven – a destination guiding service offering trips to the world-renowned waters of Spruce Creek in central Pennsylvania. Trout Haven now attracts visitors from all over the country, and some internationally. When he’s not guiding, Andrew can be found tying flies and plucking his bass guitar.

March 13 – Matt Grobert

NJ Hatches and Their Imitations

Matt Grobert

This renowned local fly tyer and author will cover the more common aquatic insect hatches to New Jersey and offer some of his innovative patterns and how to fish them for consistent success. Matt will share his thought process on why and how he chooses his patterns and tips on how to get the most production out of them.

Matthew is a life-long resident of New Jersey. He has been fly fishing and fly tying for 45+ years, having started both at 10 years old, with borrowed equipment and tools. The first flies he tied were the brightly colored flies shown in the fly plates in Ray Bergman’s classic book, Trout. Those flies took trout, small bass and sunfish, but it was the trout he caught that inspired him to learn more about the Catskill tradition of fly tying and fly presentation to lure trout to fur and feathers on a hook. When Matt reached high school, classes came second to time on the water, and despite a less than stellar attendance record, he still managed to graduate on time. In the years following, he has traveled the country extensively in search of trout and a better understanding of the rivers and insects they live in. Most recently, he is the featured fly tyer in dozens of instructional fly tying videos produced by Tightline Productions, which can be viewed on Youtube and Vimeo. Matt published his first book in 2008 – Fly Fishing New Jersey Trout Streams. He previously wrote the weekly New Jersey Fly Fishing column for The Star Ledger, Beginners Corner for the Northeastern Fly Fishing Guide, and has appeared in Fly Fisherman and Fly Rod and Reel Magazines. Matt is an expert fly tyer and an accomplished fly fisherman who lives to better understand aquatic insects, trout and the rivers they live in. He has been teaching all disciplines of fly fishing for over 30 years.

April 10 – Agust Gudmundsson

NJ Trout Streams and Fish Stories – Part 2


New Jersey Fish & Game Council and NJ TU State Council member, Agust will pick up where he left off from last year’s popular talk on local streams and fish stories. One you don’t want to miss.

American Legion Hall
137 New Market Road
Dunellen, NJ
Meeting starts at 7:30 PM - Non Members are always welcome!

President’s Letter

                                    It's the morning of February 5 as I write this letter. It's another cold and windy day outside, not conducive to enjoying a day on a stream. Nevertheless, checking the long-term forecast, Valentine's Day is supposed to reach 49 degrees. If that holds true, I plan to be on a stream. January 22 was a warm, cloudy day with only a brief sprinkle of rain which allowed me to fish the "Gorge". I found the Gorge to have a good number of fish in it, and managed to land five, including one about eighteen inches. Maybe, just maybe, I'll get the same thrill on Valentine’s Day. At least I can hope!

It looks as though we have a good number of people registered for our beginner’s and intermediate fly tying classes. The beginner’s program will be new, with web-based tying incorporated in the course. That program was developed by our instructors this past fall. They are indeed a gifted and creative group! I'm sure those attending the beginner’s classes will learn the art of tying and have a new hobby to fill their winter evenings.

The Garden State Outdoor Sportsman’s Show and the Fly Fishing Show were well attended, and we had the pleasure of talking to a good number of people interested in our chapter’s conservation and fishing activities. If half the people I invited to our February 13 meeting show up, we will have a very large crowd. If you and I spoke, please don't forget my invitation, and join us on Feb.13.

I am pleased to announce that one of our long-term members, Neil DeRiggi, has volunteered to be CJTU's Veterans Coordinator. Neil joined our chapter back in the late 70's and has been heavily involved with "Project Healing Waters" for the last several years. I mention this in case any of you are veterans and would like to reach out to Neil. You can talk with him at one of our meetings or reach out to him on e-mail < >. Thank you, Neil.

The “A-Frame project", which is a major stream restoration and improvement project, will officially begin on June 18. We will need some people to help clear a path for the heavy equipment entering the stream. All of the final permits were granted, and we have received the signed documents. This is another exciting time for our chapter as it was when the Point Mountain project commenced in June of 2015. I feel after our work on the A-Frame property, that stretch will rival Point Mountain as a destination to fish. Most of the work on this project was done by our Conservation Chair, Fred Simonson. From his work with the Point Mountain project and now the A-Frame project, Fred has been our resident expert, as well as being the Chapter Treasurer. Kudos to Fred!

Dates to remember: April 14 is the annual Musconetcong River cleanup, followed by a stream walk of Point Mountain. If you want to learn where to fish and what flies to use to be successful there, please join us. We had a blast on our last stream walk there this past November 4. On May 5 we will be teaching fly casting at Molder's Fish Preserve in Englishtown. Their trout pond is heavily stocked, so hopefully students may experience their first tight line. On June 29 we will be teaching fly casting at the Pequest Hatchery Education Center. Students will have another chance to catch and release some large rainbows at the education pond.

Keep an eye out for a warm day and wet a line this month!

Stay warm,

News & Events

Central Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited
Fly Tying School 2018

Classes are now in Session!

Dates: February 7, & 21, & March 1, 7, 14, & 21, 2018

Time: 7:30 to 9:30 PM

Both the Beginners Class and the Intermediate Class got off to a great start on Wednesday with eleven students each. This represents a slight increase for the Intermediate Class from last year but a significant increase for the Beginners Class which had only one registrant last year. The Instructor Team of Lou DiGena, Tom Kapusta, Ed Kordyla, Bart Lombardo, and Bill Ninke are to be thanked for creating a new marketing message for the classes this year. Also to be thanked are the many CJTU members who worked the booths at the recent Shows explaining the message to attendees and inviting registrations.

Annual Musconetcong River Cleanup & Streamwalk

April 14, 2018

April 14 is the annual Musconetcong River cleanup, followed by a stream walk of Point Mountain. If you want to learn where to fish and what flies to use to be successful there, please join us. We had a blast on our last stream walk there this past November 4.

walk2 walk3

Pequest Open House

March 24 & 25, 2018

We are still collecting unwanted outdoor and fishing gear to sell at the Pequest Open House flea market. If you have any items you would like to donate, contact Bart Lombardo

Fly Casting Schools

May 5, 2018
June 29, 2018

Fly of the Month

“Bead Head Wooly Bugger”

Tied by George Hryvniak

Woolly Bugger

Click here for the recipe!

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