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June 2016

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General Meeting - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CJTU Picnic Meeting


Come join us for our very popular event, the 4th annual “A Meeting With Food“ to be held in the grove behind the American Legion Hall on Tuesday, June 21st, from 5 to 8 pm. A great opportunity to move into the summer and exchange some fishing stories with new and old friends. We will be cooking up some delicious burgers, hot dogs and sausage. Soft drinks and water will be provided and the American Legion Hall will have it's usual full bar available just steps away.

Price is only $10.00, please submit payment to Sal Lauro prior to the event. Hope to see all of you there !


Remember that the June 21st meeting is on the Third Tuesday of the month and starts at 5:00 pm.

There are no meetings during the months of July and August. Next General Meeting will be on September 13, 2016. We hope to see you there!

American Legion Hall
137 New Market Road
Dunellen, NJ
Meeting starts at 8 PM - Non Members are always welcome!

Musky Stocking

On May 20th our stocking team separately distributed shipments of fish that were purchased jointly by Shannon's, CJTU, and the Rahway River TU chapter along with those received from NJFW. The special purchase fish arrived first that morning so we stocked those in the upper section of the Point Mountain TCA. After this was completed the NJFW fish arrived and these were placed along the lower section. We estimated the combined shipments totaled over 400 fish. During this effort we received excellent cooperation from the Hunterdon County Parks personnel which resulted in no fish losses due to stress.

As can be noted from the accompanying photo, we even worked as a team to be sure our equipment is put on properly.

The last of 5 stockings of this spring season was completed on May 27th. We had good team member participation on each which allowed us to safely and efficiently add 1800 to 2000 trout into the Musconetcong, Point Mountain TCA. The last stocking of the year will be conducted in mid-October.

Rich Post
Co-Chairman CJTU Cold Water Conservation Committee

Musky Stocking

Musky Stocking
Photos courtesy of Allen Kessel

Central Jersey Gossip

George Hryvniak

Ron Rispoli told me he had a great late December through January with the warm weather we had. He fished in the South Branch North of the Gorge. While fishing this area he caught a number of browns, since this area was stocked along with the Gorge by Shannon's Fly Shop. He also spent time fishing Point Mountain on the Musky. Being retired he limited his fishing to weekdays, going out about two or three times a week. He fished nymphs in the riffles and caught fish between 12" and 14". Because of the cool water and having been in the stream for months the fish fought well. He would catch four to five fish a day and said you really needed to work for them. Now that's how we should all spend early winter!

Paul Rich and his good friend, Joe Nita, spent May 19 on the Pequest. Using a March Brown Nymph he caught a 13" rainbow on his second cast. The fish that day were not hitting hard. He switched to a Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear and then a Black Beadhead Woolly Bugger. On the Woolly Bugger he caught a 14" rainbow. Joe, in the meantime, took one on a Black Woolly Bugger and then he got two on a Muddler Minnow. Paul did mention that last year they had their best trip ever when they went to New Mexico to fish the San Juan River.

Charlie Ribardo is currently recovering from a medical problem. He told me that last year he did manage to fish Broadheads Creek in the Poconos. The best fish he landed was a 24" rainbow, and it put up a tremendous fight. He also caught a number of native brookies and browns in Buck Hill Creek, also in the Poconos. Charlie is determined to complete his recovery before a trip planned for this August to the Kamchatka Peninsula in Siberia to fish for large rainbows and salmon. We're all pulling for you to be able to make that trip Charlie!

Larry Osterberg is 75 and fishes regularly, but now finds wading difficult. He did spend a day just below Clinton Falls on the South Branch. He fished with his son and they caught and released fifteen trout. He enjoyed another day fishing Assunpink Lake for various freshwater fish. Again all his fish were released. The fish were caught on meal worms and a Trout Magnate Chartreuse lure. He also spent a couple days fluking on his buddy’s 23' boat and caught three keepers on his first trip and two on his second. When age robs us of our balance to wade we still ways to "wet a line".

Ed Olsen made two trips to Florida this past March and the first week in April. On his first trip he fished with guide Brian Libowitz out of Fort Lauderdale. They fished the Northern part of Biscayne Bay using live shrimp. They caught lady fish and sea trout, the largest lady fish was 22". On his next trip he headed to Islamorada in the Keys. There he fished with guide West King and again caught lady fish and sea trout. On this trip he used Berkley Gulp Shrimp. On each trip Ed caught about fifteen fish.

Since none of the above fellows I spoke with had photos to post, I felt it necessary to post some king of picture. I feel it adds something to the column. After fishing the West Branch of the Delaware in Deposit for the last three years, I finally caught some trout the first week in May. I offer this picture of myself so you can have a 'hardy laugh'. Here it is a monster 9" wild brown. I got this one the first day and four more from 8" to 10" the second. All this while my close friends, Art Port and John Hartmann, were catching ‘real’ trout up to 19 1/2". Oh well, self-deprecation is good for the soul!

George with fish

Until next month, Good Fishing,

Fly of the Month

“MFPD Pocket Picker”
by Lou Digena

MFPD Pocket Picker

In 2015 Kevin Compton the owner of Performance Flies and I got together to film him tying up some of the patterns he is best know for and popularizing.

Kevin is bring some of best materials and patterns from the European competitive fly fishing scene to the states. As well as introducing tiers and anglers to these new materials and methods he is also carried some of Jack Mickievicz's original materials such as Honeybug Cotton Chenille, Jack's original dubbing blends and genuine DuPont Antron yarn.

MFPD Pocket Picker nymph is a pattern designed by Peter Durisik of Slovakia.


Wild Brown Takes a MFPD

For tying instructions visit my blog Fly and Fin or YouTube

Click here for the recipe!