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April 2016

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General Meeting - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

“April Fishing School”

Rainbow City

On Tuesday, April 12, the CJTU meeting will feature our resident “trout fishing experts” who will be available to answer questions, demo topics, show techniques and just be there to hopefully make your coming season more enjoyable. If you are a rank beginner or aged old man of the waters, like me, there will be something for you to learn. None of us know it all and we can all find out something new that we can use to make our fishing more successful and enjoyable.

Areas that will be covered are as follows:

Casting - George H.
Fly Tying - Ed K.
Reading the Water - Lou D.
TIC - Ozzie
Entymology - Dr. Bug and helper
Tenkara Fishing - Bart L. and Rick D.
Reel and Leader Rigging - Tom K.

We welcome all TU members as well as the general public. I can almost guarantee you will learn something. If not, you will still have an enjoyable evening. In addition, we will have flies for sale at the lowest price you can find, $10 per dozen. See you there.

Trout Fly Sale


Flies will be available for sale at the April meeting. We have a large selection of dry's and nymphs, including plenty of the popular beadheads. The flies will be available for $10.00 a dozen.

It's a good time to stock up your boxes for the upcoming season.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

CJTU Picnic Meeting

Come join us for our very popular event, the 4th annual “A Meeting With Food“ to be held in the grove behind the American Legion Hall on Tuesday, June 21st, from 5 to 8 pm. A great opportunity to move into the summer and exchange some fishing stories with new and old friends. We will be cooking up some delicious burgers, hot dogs and sausage. Soft drinks and water will be provided and the American Legion Hall will have it's usual full bar available just steps away.

Price is only $10.00, please submit payment to Sal Lauro prior to the event. Hope to see all of you there !

Remember that the June 21st meeting is on the Third Tuesday of the month and starts at 5:00 pm.

American Legion Hall
137 New Market Road
Dunellen, NJ
Meeting starts at 8 PM - Non Members are always welcome!

Trout Season Opens This Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fly Casting and Fishing for Beginners

Pequest Hatchery
Saturday, June 11, 2016
10:00 a.m.

Learn the basics of fly casting and fly fishing in this program run by Wildlife Conservation Corps volunteers from Central Jersey Trout Unlimited. Topics will include equipment, knot tying, entomology, stream tactics and casting techniques. This program is geared for ages 8 and above. Adults in the program should have a valid NJ fishing license which can be purchased the day of the event.

Spring Stocking

Our stocking team met at the Musconectcong, Point Mountain TCA the morning of March 21st to help stock an estimated 800 to 900 rainbow trout received from NJFW's Pequest Hatchery. This is the largest number of fish that we will stock this season and we were fortunate to have 7 team members present to help safely distribute the fish throughout the mid to lower section of the river. We put in about 8 trophy size fish as can be seem form the accompanying photos. The bulk of the fish were from 10'' to 13'' in size. There are 3 additional stockings to come this spring. They are scheduled for April 29, May 20, and May 27th. The number of fish that we are to receive for each is in the 250 to 300 range. If any member is interested in joining our team please see me at one of the CJTU general meetings or contact me at

Rich Post
CJTU Cold Water Conservation Co-Chairman.




Central Jersey Gossip

George Hryvniak

gossip1 John Salegna and his good fishing buddy Chau Tran fished the Salmon River for two days this past October. John said people were disappointed with this year's run of fish. There weren't many steelhead around and no sign of salmon carcasses around after they spawned. John who is in his sixties has trouble keeping up with Tran who is in his early forties. John says they fish from sunup to sundown with only some snacks for lunch. John was skunked those two days but Chau's perseverance resulted in him catching a 26 pound king salmon and a ten pound steelhead (pictured here).

I spoke with John Wester about his most successful day this past season. He fished the South Branch one day this past June and had a heck of a day. The weather was perfect, sunny and 75 degrees. Using his 11'3" Greys rod with soft hackle and wet flies, he landed a mix of 25 browns and rainbows. Among his catch were four fish over 20". John went on to tell me about his most memorable day ever fishing. Eight or nine years ago John and a friend headed to the tropics for two weeks of fishing. They initially fished the Everglades via a flats boat with a canoe mounted on top. They sailed as far as possible in the flats boat and then switched to the canoe. They saw black tipped sharks and alligators. Once they began to fish they caught a ton of snook. By this time John's back began to hurt. Despite this they were going to South Andros in the Bahamas for the last week to fish for bonefish. Now the pain was getting much worse. John then stopped for some relief at a chiropractor in Florida before they left. The chiropractor taped John's back and sent him off on crutches. They then got to South Andros and went out with a couple of guides, all this with John on crutches. They sailed forty five minutes to a spot in the middle of nowhere. When they arrived they saw the area was loaded with thousands of bonefish. They each caught about thirty bonefish before heading back the 75 yards to the boat. Each bonefish they fought was chased by 5' lemon sharks. It was a long 75 yard walk with lemon sharks swimming all around them. Now many fishermen are dedicated, but to do all this while on crutches "tops it all"! John you are beyond dedicated.

Andrew Dang is one of the youngest members of Central Jersey. Despite his age he would be able to teach us older guys a thing or two about flyfishing. He fishes most of the time with his Dad. As a matter of fact, the night after I tried to phone him his Mom called to tell me he and his Dad were on their way home from fishing in Pennsy and wouldn't be home until late. Anyway when we finally got to talk he wanted to tell me about a memorable day he had last Fall. It was a beautiful day, bright and sunny with the leaves at peak Fall colors He and his Dad arrived at the Gorge early at 7:30. Andrew chose to fish down the stretch below the Monument Pool. He was using a size 20 Pheasant Tail nymph. He caught a few stockers and then hooked into a larger trout. Once in the net the rainbow measured 20 inches. The fight lasted five minutes. Afterwards he caught about several more fish including a beautiful 12" wild brown. Besides the bright colors of the fish he saw that none of it's fin were worn like hatchery fish (pictured below). At 4:00 o'clock he headed to the upper section of The Gorge. As the time came close to leaving he hooked a huge rainbow. He fought this monster on 7X tippet. This one measured 24" (pictured below). If I ever want to be humbled fishing, I'll fish with Andrew and his Dad!

gossip2 gossip3

Again this month, I phoned a fellow whose primary concern is conservation. Bruce Rydel doesn't have time to fish because of professional obligations. He is keenly interested in our conservation efforts. I gave him our website address to acquaint himself with the chapter and our activities. He was very interested in our stream restoration work at Point Mountain. He realized that project was a major effort administratively, physically and time consuming. He intends to submit his e-mail address on our website to start receiving Mainstream each month. I told him about our Point Mountain Cleanup on April 16 from 9:00 to 12:00. I hope he can find the time to sneak away and join us for the cleanup. It would be a pleasure to meet him.

Well finally, it's April and the season is about to begin. I wish all of you pleasant days on the water and tight lines.

Tight lines,
George Hryvniak

2016 “Favorite Nymph Fly Swap”

A "Thank You" to all who participated in this event and to Sal Lauro who organized and managed the swap. Photo by Nick Romanenko

Fly of the Month

“Rene’ Harrops’ Last Chance Cripple (Beatis)”
by Lou Digena

BWO Cripple

Tiers note: Many times during the hatch trout key in on the most vulnerable phase of the emergence. That's why emerges are so effective, but another state that is just as vulnerable is the cripple or knocked down patterns. These insects either fail to hatch fully from their shuck or are knocked down by wind and water and stuck in the surface film. Cripples are highly effective in pressured waters where trout are refusing the Dun.

Click here for the recipe!