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November 2011

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General Meeting - Tuesday, November 8, 2011

David Stretanski

Are you feeling beat up after a day on the river? Wading a stream not as easy as it used to be? Join us on Tuesday, November 8th as fitness coach David Stretanski shows us some simple methods that can help reduce or eliminate discomfort, aches, pains and injury.

David Stretanski is a fitness coach specializing in ChiRunning® and ChiWalking®. He became a Certified Instructor in April 2007. After transforming his own health through fitness, he now shares these approaches and simple principles for efficient and consistent mobility. He continues to utilize these approaches in his own personal fitness goals that include training and participating at the Marathon and Ultra-Marathon level.

American Legion Hall
137 New Market Road
Dunellen, NJ
Meeting starts at 8 PM - Non Members are always welcome!

2012 CJTU Fly Tying School

Enrollment is now open!

Fly Tying Demo

Dunellen Libary
November 21, 2011
6:30 - 8:30 pm

Fall Stocking at Point Mountain

by Rich Post

Dan Rodriquez, Fred Simonson, and I stocked the Point Mountain TCA section on October 12. We estimated receiving about 500 brook trout. If any of our members helped stock before they know we generally stock no more than 1 to 2 - 4x4 loads. The quantity received on this day required 3 loads. With the excellent cooperation of the Hunterdon Parks crew we able to transport trout from delivery truck to the upper limit of the carry trail. Some of these fish were in the 3 to 4 lb. breeder variety size, so if you hook up one of these don't be surprised if you get broken off since they are large. Providing water levels recede you should have an enjoyable fall and winter season.

We generally attempt to spread the fish over a long stretch of river. As a result of the cool temperature these fish appeared to be in good condition so we were able to distribute them from the foundation area almost down to the bridge. Keep in mind that the water was on the high side so these fish could have moved either up or down stream from the stocked area rather quickly.

The stocking team fished that day with limited success. Both Fred and I fished the area on separate occasions over the past several weeks with few hook ups and fish landed. My last visit was on October 18. The Musky was again running high and it was difficult to wade. The catch results were similar. In conclusion with the record high water this has proved a most trying season to fish. With colder weather approaching let's hope the rain will subside and the water starts to reach fishable levels.

Photos courtesy of Richard Booth, Hunterdon County Parks Ranger

President’s Letter

November 2011

This has got to be one of the craziest weather years in my memory. This year our autumn river levels have been higher than our spring time flows. I have been chased off the river by high flows more this year than any time in the past. Typically, fall fishing means low, crystal clear rivers and spooky fish. Not so this year! Then for the icing on the cake, throw in a freak October blizzard. Despite it all, I am getting on the river whenever I can and I hope you are too.

As the weather turns cold and the snow begins to fly (like it is today) I start to turn my attention back to fly tying. It's not that I don't tie flies during the rest of the year, I just tie more in the cold weather. This is the time of year when I inventory my fly boxes and determine what worked and what did not. I then restock the proven patterns, transfer the unsuccessful experiments to the bluegill box and dream up new patterns to try in the upcoming year.

For those of you that have always wanted to learn how to tie your own flies, we have a great way to get started. Central Jersey Trout Unlimited will be starting up our annual fly tying classes this January. We only offer these classes once a year. They run for six weeks (twice a month) January through March. We are now starting to take names, so if you are interested in signing up you can check out our website for the details or ask one of the directors at one of our general meetings.

As a reminder for those of you that are already tying your own flies, the International Fly Tying Symposium is scheduled for November 19 & 20 at the Doubletree Hotel in Somerset, N.J.. This is a great opportunity to stock up on supplies, take classes or just observe the true masters of fly tying at work. Its a great opportunity to pick up that hard to find material and learn a few things in the process.

The folks at CJTU have been constantly been searching for ways to get information out to our members. We have had a presence on Facebook for some time now, but have only recently kept it regularly updated with content. If you want to find out the last minute details of what is going on with the chapter and national organization you can find the info on our Facebook page. Just search for Central Jersey Trout Unlimited next time you log in to Facebook. "Like" us and you will be notified when ever the page is updated.

Before I wrap it up, I wanted to remind everyone that this weekend the Raritan Inn and Shannon's Fly Shop will be hosting the 2nd annual Fly Fisherman of the Year contest. After the event there will be a fund raising banquet honoring the New Jersey State Council of Trout Unlimited's 40th anniversary. Tickets are still available and you will be able to purchase them at this week's meeting.

Tight Lines,