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July 2010

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General Meeting - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There are no General Meetings during the months of July and August

South Branch Watershed Association
“Treasures of the South Branch”

Treasures of the South Branch

Treasures of the South Branch
Nick Romanenko Photo's

CJTU members Ed Kordyla and Dave Hart tying flies at our booth during the “Treasures of the South Branch” festival that was held on Saturday, June 12th at the Red Mill Clinton..

President’s Letter

July 2010

Summer is upon us! This was painfully evident over the last week with the triple digit temperatures. In most years the coming of July means a break from New Jersey trout fishing for me. Surviving summer is no easy task for a trout in New Jersey waters. Although we do have a few waters that have no problem holding cooler temperatures during the summer, it is not the norm. In most rivers that have a holdover population of trout, the fish are stressed by warm water temperatures. In late June I witnessed close to a hundred trout of all sizes stacked up in a seam of cooler water flowing in from a small feeder stream. When you observe that type of behavior fishing is out of the question. Hooking and playing a fish in water temps over 70 degrees could prove fatal to a trout. During the summer I give New Jersey trout a break and pursue them in other areas or switch to other species of fish.

I am pleased to announce that Central Jersey Trout Unlimited’s board of directors unanimously voted to fund the Point Mountain rehabilitation project. This project on the Musconetcong River will improve trout habitat on several hundred yards of marginal water on the Point Mountain tract. Depending on water conditions this important work should begin this fall. As soon as specific details emerge we will share them through an action alert.

I hope everyone has a great summer. As a reminder we do not hold regular meetings during the months of July and August. Our meetings will resume in September on the second Tuesday of the month at the usual time (8:00pm).