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August 2010

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General Meeting - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September will feature Mark Sedoti presenting "Living Streamers for Trout"

"If you check the latest edition of Fly Rod & Reel Magazine (Spring 2010, close up photo of the head of a Brown Trout on the cover) you'll see my new featured article advertized right in the middle of the front cover. It's about using the new "Living Streamers" for trout.

It's about the "new" phenomenon in trout fishing and in fly tying, designing baitfish imitations that have "built in" action that triggers the inate strike response in gamefish.  This built in action causes the fly to move similarly to the way soft plastic baits do, like Sluggos, Zoom Flukes, and more. Some of these flies dart widely to one side and then the other in a "walk the dog" action, some dart in the up and down direction, and still others dart in random directions. One even spirals on the drop, and one flips suddenly on it's side when stripped, flipping back to it's original "straight up" position when tension is eased.

 Two of my personal patterns (The Kick'n Chick'n and a Sedotti's Feather Slammer) are featured in the article, along with one ( a Bob Popovics creation) which I use often."

The October meeting will feature Ozzie and the world premiere of his CJTU "Fly Tying Night" video.

There are no General Meetings during the months of July and August

CJTU will be at the First Annual Green Fair at the Red Mill in Clinton on Saturday, Sept. 18th from 10 am -4 pm.

President’s Letter

August 2010

This summer is turning out to be a hot one. I have not cast a fly to a trout in New Jersey since the second week in June. During these warmer months its best to give these coldwater fish a break until the cooler weather returns. So what is a dyed in the wool trout angler to do? Go to Montana!

A good-sized group of Central Jersey Trout Unlimited members headed off to the wilds of Montana for ten days of trout fishing. I had great time, beautiful scenery, great weather & loads of laughter. The fishing? It was tougher than normal but I managed to catch them though I had to work for it. Though its great to be home I am already planning my next trip back. We are thinking about sharing some of the details of our trip in the form of a presentation at an upcoming meeting.

We are hoping for a speedy permit process and good weather this fall so the work on the Point Mountain Project can begin. We have started to release some of the funds we have earmarked for this project. Hopefully we will soon be able to report that work has begun on this important restoration project.

We have decided to run a different type of fundraising raffle this year. We are planning to raffle off a mega fly selection in the spring of next year. Our hope is to have all of our fly tying members tie a dozen flies and donate them to the cause. We will be displaying the flies at our monthly meetings so you can watch the collection grow. Dry flies, wet flies nymphs or streamers, traditional patterns or secret weapons, we will take them all. Bring your flies to the meeting and we will add them to the box. Tickets will be available for purchase at every meeting at all of our special events.

I want to remind everyone that we resume our regular meting schedule in September. We will meet at 8:00pm on the second Tuesday of the every month in the usual location, the American Legion Hall In Dunellen. We have some great speakers lined up this fall so come out and join us.


This month we have a short article from Dave Hart titled “Memories Of The San Juan River”

Andy Babchak and Bill McCallum were very active members of Central Jersey Trout Unlimited around the year 2000 and began to talk to us about the great fishing at New Mexico’s San Juan River. Andy said that fishing there is “like dying and going to heaven.” Some of us in the chapter began trips out there. I got Leon Cheeka to go there on one of our weeklong trips and we had an exciting time and even met some Central Jersey fishermen there. Continue this article