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January 2009

General Meeting - Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This months program is "Fishing the West Yellowstone"
by Bart Lombardo and Lou DiGena

Plus the CJTU Flea Market starting at 7:00pm

News & Events

CJTU 2009 Fly Tying School

Starts January 20th !

January - February - March 2009
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CJTU January Meeting Flea Market

Back by popular demand, we'll be hosting a fishing flea market at the beginning of our January 13, 2009 General Meeting. This is an oportunity for many of you to clear out that unused or surplus equipment.

The market will start at the earlier time of 7 pm, allowing us to also have our usual speaker presentation. We had a lot of fun and great deals when we ran this market a few years ago, so come early and don’t miss out! The details can be found here..

See Us at the The Fly Fishing Show

Garden State Convention Center - Somerset
January 23 - 25

CJTU Fly Tying Demo at Efinger's

Saturday, February 7
10 am - 2 pm

Efinger’s Sale

For the month of January Efinger’s will be having a sale on all fly-tying materials, tools and vises at 20% off with an aditional 10% off for TU members who show their membership card.

Winter on the South Branch

Winter Fishing is the topic of this month’s Mainstream article. There can be some great fishing days when the temperatures get up around 40 degrees.

President’s Letter

January 2009

Well folks, the holidays are behind us and my thoughts are turning towards springtime. There is still plenty of winter ahead of us but fortunately there are a few fishing related activities coming up in the next few months. This is the time of year for the outdoor shows and we have two major shows in our area this month. First is the Garden State Sportsman Show at the Raritan Center in Edison. The show dates are January 8-11, 2009 and Central Jersey Trout Unlimited will have a big presence there. In addition to spreading the word about T.U. we will be conducting fly tying lessons for the kids and selling flies tied by or members. Our stock of flies was running a little low and I was worried that we would not have a good selection to offer for sale. Luckily one of our members, Leon Cheeka, came to our rescue. In one months time Leon tied 42 DOZEN flies!!! So, if you looking to restock your nymph box stop by our booth.

Closer to the end of the month (January 23-25, 2009) the Fly Fishing Show will be at the Garden State Convention Center in Somerset NJ. C.J.T.U. will have a presence at that show as well. Look for us in the lobby area before you enter the main hall.

We also have a few Chapter related activities taking place in the upcoming months. We will be starting up our fly tying classes in two weeks. The classes are held on the third and fourth Tuesdays of January, February and March. We will be offering classes for tiers of all skill and experience levels. The fee is $50.00 plus the cost of materials. You can get additional information by visiting our website.

My apologies go out to those of you have been checking out the fly of the month site for the January pattern. I was a little late in getting it up. This month we are featuring a wet fly pattern that was mentioned in an article featured in Main Stream this month.

Central Jersey Trout Unlimited will be hosting a fly tying demonstration at Effinger Sporting Goods in Bound Brook, New Jersey on Saturday February 7th between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm. If you looking to get out of the house and shake off the winter blues come out and visit us there. Our fly tiers will be tying cold-water, warm-water and salt-water patterns. It's a great opportunity to check out what the hot patterns are these days, ask questions and pick up a few tips. We hope to see you there!

I am please to announce that Jack Walsh won our rod giveaway. Jack won a Sage fly rod. His name was randomly selected from a list that included all of you who signed up for this newsletter. I want to thank everyone who provided us with an e-mail address, allowing us to keep you informed on the activities of Central Jersey Trout Unlimited

Our 2009 fundraising raffle was delivered to the post office today and should be hitting your mailboxes any day now. Back by popular demand our prize is bamboo fly fishing outfit with a load of other goodies thrown in for good measure. This raffle is our sole source of funding so please consider purchasing a ticket or two and in the process ensure that Central Jersey Trout Unlimited will be able to continue in its mission to protect the cold-water fisheries in our home state.

Tight Lines,
Bart Lombardo

Bob Powell Recognized for Over 30 Years of service to CJTU

Dick Turse presenting Bob Powell with a lifetime membership in Trout Unlimited

Since you are reading this electronic version of Mainstream you are aware that we are no longer producing a printed copy. Several reasons went into this decision but the major one was financial. The cost of printing and mailing Mainstream is now prohibitive. Many of you might wonder why we came to this conclusion almost suddenly two years ago. It is due to how Mainstream has been printed for over 30 years. One of our old-time members, Bob Powell, has a printing business and he has printed Mainstream for all those years. The Board members knew we were getting a break on the printing costs but we never imagined how much of a break until Bob changed his business situation and lost his ability to print Mainstream. So we were forced to have it printed elsewhere at standard costs. No more need to be said.

We realized, at that time, that Bob has saved CJTU thousands of dollars in printing costs over the years. Bob said it was his donation to the chapter and his way of contributing to our activities. So the Board decided to give Bob some kind of award as a token of CJTU's appreciation. At the December meeting we presented him with a life-time membership in TU. Of course, with that membership Bob also received a 9', 6-wt., four-piece, Winston BIIx fly rod, Orvis CFO reel and TU hat with our emblem. Many old friends and family were able to make the meeting and congratulate him on his award. It certainly was a deserving thank-you from CJTU.

Dick Turse


An article from Jim Holland of Shannon’s Fly Shop in Califon, titled “Winter Fishing on the South Branch”, is featured this month.

“Winter Fishing on the South Branch”

Winter’s long hand stretches his cold shadow across our souls. The days are short; the light is pale and fleeting and it seems that our streamside companions have left for warmer climes chasing the sun. It is a time for stories…

A good friend and talented angler, Lee Brown asked me back in June how I fished a certain pool. I was surprised because Lee has fished around the world from across North America to Russia and Tierra del Fuego for its legendary sea run Browns. Still, I said the Light Cahills were hatching and that we might have some success with the emergers at dusk, so off we went. A number of other friends were fishing close by. Lee is left handed and I’m right handed so his question was to get the right drift in a way that he could fish from the inside or left bank. I made a suggestion about where to cast and soon Lee had made a number of excellent drifts and had landed a couple of nice Rainbows on a brand new seven and half foot four weight cane built for him by master cane builder, Dennis Menscer. I thought he had the hang of it and so I left him at the pool. A short time later, Lee appeared somewhat shaken, rod in hand. He had hooked a beautiful wild Brown Trout about seventeen inches long and was preparing to photograph the fish in his net prior to release. Just at the moment he clicked the camera he heard a loud crash and there not twenty feet from him was a somewhat dazed and confused Black Bear! Needless to say, Lee left the trout and the net at the water’s edge while making a hasty exit. The bear didn’t run, he just kind of sloughed about trying to wake up. This bear was sleeping in the tree above us all along and we had never noticed him. For the next thirty minutes, the bear was estimated around one hundred and twenty five pounds but shortly thereafter due to collaborative storytelling (we are fishermen after all) grew to gargantuan proportions. Continue the story

Fly of the Month

Starling Softhackle Our fly for January is the “Starling Soft Hackle”, one of several patterns mentioned in this months article by Jim Holland on winter fishing.