The Trapper Special

This fly was mentioned in Mainstream about a year ago when I told about a 5 Lb. Weakfish I caught with it at the Jersey shore. Since then friends and I have caught Pike, Smallmouth, Walleyes, Blues, Stripers and even Fluke on this simple but effective tie. What makes this fly neat is that its quick and easy to tie, uses simple materials, and catches fish. The colors I have always used are red palmered hackle and white hackle or schlapen tailing-body material. That's about it. It looks like a crude Lefty's Deceiver or a Whistler. But unlike Deceivers, Whistlers and most other larger flys, this big boy is tied without any hair from Deer, Elk, or anything else with fur on it. In the water it is as limp as a noodle, and the slightest wiggle makes it undulate and breathe. It is also super easy to cast ,since, when wet it looks like a piece of string on a hook.. This slim profile gives the fly a skinny baitfish look, and most of the minnow type bait around are kind of slim. Give it a shot, and if you get lucky with it, let me know. So far I have had this fly trick fish in the U.S. and Canada, and would love to add more continents to the list.

Hook: #2 to 2X
Thread: Red or Black heavy duty
Tail and Body: White Schlappen on larger flies or Large Saddle Hackle on smaller ones tied streamer style.
Shoulders: Red Saddle Hackle wound around top 1/3 of hook