Old Reliable Nymph

This fly was recommended to me when I was a greenhorn flyfisherman, (some say I haven't changed) and after I bought the fly and looked at it in my MG on the way to the Musky, I thought I might have been slickered by the salesman. " Looks like green yarn tied to the hook and not much else" I thought at I cast it into the big pool just past the bridge near the Rt. 57 Firehouse that day. Six trout later I was stunned by the fly's productivity, and I still am today. It don't look like much, but winter trout like it just fine. Try it and you may be as pleasantly surprised as I was years ago.

'The Old Trapper'

Hook: #14 Std Nymph
Tail: None
Body: Green Dubbing Tapered
Rib: Green Thread
Legs: Green Hackle Fibers
Head: Black Dubbing Or Ostrich Fibers