NJ's Top 4 Most Wanted Flies

For the chapter members that have fished the Yellow Breeches in Pennsylvania and experienced the White Fly hatch in mid August and September, you know how awesome this hatch is. Starting around 7:30 PM and until dark, these come off in thousands with the trout feeding in frenzy. (The white flies also hit the Susquehanna at the same time, covering the buildings at the river front and the roads). Two years ago, after a hard driving rain all day in September, I went over to the Yellow Breeches at Allenberry, and to my pleasant surprise found the water level good, the water not discolored, and best of all, only one other fisherman in this usually crowded stretch of Catch and Release. I had never experienced a hatch of these small white mayflies, and with nothing hatching, I used a wet light cahill with a little action. Around 7:30, a few white flies started coming up and with it, some surface activity. Within minutes it grew to thousands and active fish all over the stream. I had one dry light cahill, which did not seem to be what they wanted. I trimmed most of the wings and hackle, added a tiny split shot and fished just under the surface. This they wanted and the action was great until a fish broke the tippet The next day I did stop at the Cold Spring Anglers in Carlisle and found out they had a nice parachute white dun #16 and a #12 emerger that looked like a Trojan Horse. T missed the hatch this fall and it was October before I could get back for an evening. Again, around late evening a little white fly started to come out here and there so I tied on my Trojan Horse and had a very fun evening.

I showed this fly to some of our members and several were interested in the recipe. Back to Cold Spring Anglers on my next business trip, and Kathy Weigl showed me the new 1999 Fly Fisherman Calendar and there it is for September.

Hook: Daiichi 1130, #12#14
Thread: 3/0 Monocord
Tail: Ostrich herl
Body: White rabbit fur blended with hare's ear dubbing
Rib: 3/0 Monocord
Gills: Ostrich herl
Head: White deer hair

Note: Use a pink waterproof marker to color the underside of the head. Grease the head, to keep it afloat.

Cold Spring Anglers,
419 East High Street,
Carlisle, PA. 17013


(This is a very well known shop in this area and a number of their flies are unique to the streams and rivers in this area.) Incidentally the Calendar is very well done and has a fly recipe for every month. Herb and Kathy Weigl are very helpful ).