The Muddler Rattler

I've read several stories in various fishing mags about the value of rattling fishing lures, flies etc and finally decided to tie up a fly with a rattle in it. Using methods created for bonefish flies and a Muddler Minnow I created the following. I have had success with smallmouth bass with this muddler variation and look forward to the september surf fishing season to try it on Blues & Stripers in a salt water version.

Hook: 2x streamer hook (on larger flies I use a wide gap stinger hook for holding big frisky fish better)
Eyes: Silver bead Chain eyes Large
Head: Spun Deer Hair Muddler Style
Under Rib: Gold Mylar
Rattle Setup: Gold Mylar Braid with a Glass Rattle inside
Wing: Natural Bucktail, Turkey Quill Muddler Style

1.Place the hook in the vise and attach the tying thread.
2.Tie in the eyes on top of the shank and about 1/8" behind the eye.
3. Wrap hook shank with gold mylar to the bend and forward to just behind the eyes.
4.Cut a length of the Mylar braid and stuff the rattle into it.
5.Tie it on the near the bend and in front in behind the eyes.
6. the ends of the mylar will unravel but that is o.k. Take advantage of this and leave them for a tail.
7.Turn the fly over, and tie in Turkey and Bucktail like an upside down Muddler just behind the eyes.
8.Tie in the Deerhair head and wrap it around the shank and eyes in figure eights. Trim the head so you can see the eyes good.
9.Whip Finish and add head cement. I feel a "flex"cement or thinned out plumbers goop hold things like this better than a brittle head cement.