The Half and Half

Bob Clouser created this minnow pattern to imitate many of the Atlantic Gulf Coastal baitfish anglers come across in their travels. The fly is basically a cross between a Lefty's Deceiver and a Clouser Minnow.

Hook: Standard Salt Water Straight eye Stainless.
Eyes: Dumbbell eyes lead or other. Tied to top of hook in Clouser Style. Paint eyes red with black pupil for attraction.
Thread: Light Blue.
Flanks: Six to eight white hackles mixed with silver Flashabou or other tinsel, Over wrap with additional shorter Flashabou, and add a short clump of light blue buck tail.
Wing: Two short bunches of light blue buck tail, Clouser style one behind the eye and one in front of the eye and on the bottom of the shank.

Note: I have seen this fly tied with colors other than blue and also with peacock herl at the top of the hook, like the classic Deceiver.

Pattern courtesy of the Harvey Roberson library.