The Clous-ciever

Another secret weapon I have heard about in recent months is a mutated fly, which takes the best of two of the worlds best streamer patterns. As the name suggests this fly is a cross between a Clouser Minnow and a Leftys Deciever. Using the lead eyes of a clouser, and the full bodied feather and bucktail dressing of a Lefty's Deciever, you get a fly with proven fishy looks and the jigging action that made the Clouser a legend.

Hook: Mustad 34007 or your choice streamer
Thread: Red or your choice depends on fly color.
Eyes:. Lead Dumbells with painted pupil & iris
Tail/wing: 8-10 White Saddle hackles
Body: Flat Silver Tinsel.
Wing:White Bucktail flairing around hook.
Topping 6-8 Strands of Peacock Herl
Head:. Red or your choice depends on fly color.

Note: The fly should be tied upside down, as like a Clouser, it should ride in the water upside-down.