The Bugs Bunny

By: Lew Burnette

I am submitting a Virginia type fly of the month. This pattern was sent from a fisherman I know there. What is Estaz?

The following is from a story in the Virginia Outdoor Weekly by Jim Brewster. "It's a weighted nymph tied on a bent caddis hook with an Estaz body, a marabou tail and a touch of silver tinsel the head. Estaz is buggy stuff.. You can strap a hunk of it to a hook and catch trout with it all by itself. But when tied on that bent caddis hook ,it looks to all the world like a fat, fuzzy, rolly-polly bug tumbling downstream. The silver tinsel at the head gives the fly just a touch of sparkle and the little stump of tail adds wiggle."

Hook: size 12 37160 (caddis hook)
Thread: Black 3/0 monocord
Underbody: 015 gauge lead wire
Tail: small tuft Black Marabou
Body:Black Estaz (gold, yellow, olive)
Head: Silver Oval Tinsel

Editors note: Whatever Estaz is, I checked with two of our Advertisers, and they have it!