Dark G.R. Hares Ear Bead Head Nymph

A dark brown Gold Rib Hares Ear nymph was always one of the most productive nymphs in my box. When the bead head flies became popular (and productive) a few years back I decided to tie a few of my most productive nymphs with a 1/8" gold bead. As a result, the dark brown G.R. Hares Ear nymph with a gold bead has out-produced all of my other sub-surface flies where I fish in the Catskills, Poconos, and Montana. It works best when fished in fast water, cast up-stream with one small split-shot attached to the tippet about 12" above the fly. The pattern is easy to tie and the materials are easy to obtain and prepare.

Hook: TMC #2487, sizes 12-14 (size 12 is my favorite).
Thread: Brown 6/0 Uni-Thread.
Bead: Gold, 1/8" diameter.
Rib: Gold wire, 0.010" diameter.
Tail: Two pheasant tail fibers tied split.
Body: Darkest brown fur trimmed from a hares ear mask. Be sure to get all the dark brown fur from the ears and the top of the mask. Save the rest of the colors on the mask for your standard Hares Ear patterns. Mix same in a blender (after the Margarita's are done).

You may want to tie a half-dozen of these, as you will surely lose a few in the rocks if your fishing them in the fast-water as I do.

Good Luck,
George Mertens